About us.

For an attractive, surprising and dynamic city of Zurich.


The Zurich City Association is the umbrella organisation of Zurich’s city centre, and through its member organisations it brings together more than 1350 companies and sponsoring businesses with a focus on retail trade and services. They provide more than 60,000 jobs in the city of Zurich.

We are shaping the city centre of the future.

The Zurich City Association represents its members in the areas of politics and administration vis-à-vis the public, in the media and in dialogue with numerous stakeholder groups.

We are committed to an attractive, surprising and dynamic city centre in Zurich. Zurich’s city centre is its heart and it embodies new beginnings, innovation and experiences. The city shapes how the world sees Zurich and often serves as a gateway to Switzerland. This is why we want to people from near and far to be excited about Zurich and everything it has to offer.

Our goal is to shape the city centre of the future. It is lively, easily accessible, fun, diverse, surprising, offers experiences and encounters in a variety of areas from retail trade to services, hotels, gastronomy as well as in the lifestyle, health, mobility and creativity sectors. It considers the environmental impact of all its decisions and strives to improve public spaces.

Zurich is successful when people find it easy to take the initiative here, to grow entrepreneurially and to move the city forward together. When we take this approach, we create economic, cultural and social values for Zurich. This is why we are continuously working to improve conditions and to strengthen the attractiveness of the city centre.
The City Association is also responsible for organizing and promoting special shopping days. Under the umbrella brand “Shopping in the City”, it holds the Sunday Shopping, Night Shopping and New Year Shopping events, which take place several times a year. The festive Christmas season is a major annual highlight on the calendar. With its popular summer events, the Zurich City Association has repeatedly succeeded in attracting millions of people to the city centre. Numerous figures from these events have now become a part of the city’s cultural heritage, such as the lion statues, the painted cows or the teddy bears.

The City Association was founded in 1968. Milan Prenosil is the association’s President as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of Confiserie Sprüngli. Dominique Zygmont serves as Managing Director.

We’re on it.

Milan Prenosil

Milan Prenosil has been president since 2009. He is co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Confiserie Sprüngli AG.


Dominique Zygmont

Dominique Zygmont has been Managing Director since 2023. He is implementing the strategy to create an attractive Zurich city centre.


m +41 79 641 75 87
t +41 44 224 66 11

Brigitte Frei

Brigitte Frei is responsible for membership management and administration.


t +41 44 224 66 11

Samuel Blum

Samuel Blum is responsible for communications, fundraising and events.


m +41 78 666 31 67
t +41 44 224 66 11

More than 50 years

In 2017, the Zurich City Association celebrated its 50th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, we published an anniversary book. You can download it as a PDF file or request a copy from us.