Entry from 02.02.24

VBZ network development strategy

With the “züri-linie 2030” network development strategy, VBZ is taking an important step towards meeting the mobility needs of Zurich as a business location.

“Züri-Linie 2030” strategy

Zürcher Verkehrsbetriebe (VBZ) has presented ambitious plans for the future of the public transport network in Zurich with its “züri-linie 2030” network development strategy. These are necessary if the city’s population is to grow by an estimated 70,000 inhabitants (plus 20 percent) and 55,000 employees (plus 15 percent) over the next 20 years. For public transport, which will be an important part of future traffic development, this means an increase in annual passengers of around 30 percent or 100 million by 2030.

The strategy was launched seven years ago under the motto “Quality of life all along the line” and has already led to several successful implementations, including the extension of line 5 to Laubegg and the introduction of the “Tram ZurichWest” (line 4). The updated strategy, “züri-linie 2030”, takes into account the dynamic development of the city of Zurich, which forecasts an increase of around 70,000 inhabitants and 55,000 employees over the next 20 years. This growth trend requires continuous adaptation and expansion of the public transport network in order to cope with the increasing demands. Planning is increasingly focused on the city center, Oerlikon and Altstetten, with the aim of creating attractive connections between these centers.

Overall, the network development is not only geared towards coping with the increasing volume of traffic, but also towards making mobility in Zurich sustainable and making a positive contribution to the quality of life in the city. With its new strategy, VBZ is sending a positive signal to the city of Zurich. Getting from A to B to C quickly, directly and reliably will be immensely important for future generations, whose time budgets are likely to be even tighter. It is therefore logical that Zurich and its public transport system should continue to move into the future.