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Parking in Zurich

Parking in Zurich – always an issue. All those who come to the city by car can use Zurich’s parking guidance system to help them find the closest available parking space. The guidance system has been in operation since 2001 and is very popular with those who use their car to get around in the city. The Zurich City Association is one of the project partners.

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Currently available parking spaces

Store opening hours 2024

(increased frequencies in the city of Zurich)




Shop closing time
Zurich City
Minimum opening hours
ShopVille- Zurich HB
Di30.04.2024Day before May 1open until 8 pmopen until 9 pm
Mi01.05.2024Labor Dayclosedopen until 8 pm
Mi08.05.2024Day before Ascensionopen until 8 pmopen until 9 pm
Do09.05.2024Ascensionclosedopen until 8 pm
Sa18.05.2024Whit Saturdayopen until 6 pm 1)open until 8 pm
So19.05.2024Whitsunclosedopen until 8 pm
Mo20.05.2024Whit Mondayclosedopen until 8 pm
Mi31.07.2024Day before the first of Augustopen until 8 pmopen until 9 pm
Do01.08.2024National Holidayclosedopen until 8 pm
Mo09.09.2024Knabenschiessenopen until 8 pmopen until 9 pm
Do21.11.2024Night Shoppingopen until 9 pmopen until 9 pm
So01.12.2024Sunday Saleopen from 11 am to 6 pmopen until 8 pm
Sa07.12.2024all Saturdays in Decemberopen until 6 pm 1)open until 8 pm
So08.12.2024Sunday Saleopen from 11 am until 6 pm 2)open until 8 pm
So22.12.2024Sunday Saleopen from 11 am until 6 pm 2)open until 8 pm
Di24.12.2024Day before Christmasopen until 5 pmopen until 6 pm
Mi25.12.2024Christmasclosedopen until 6 pm
Do26.12.2024St. Stephen's Dayclosedopen until 8 pm
Di31.12.2024New Year's Eveopen until 5 pmopen until 6 pm

1 Department stores and wholesalers open until 8 p.m. (until 7 p.m. on January 2, 2023)
2 If necessary, stores can be open from 09.00 to 20.00
Department stores and wholesalers will remain open until 18.00 on Sundays.

We recommend special opening hours for Night Shopping, Sunday Shopping and New Year Shopping.
special opening hours.

If you have any questions about individual store opening hours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Public holidays outside the canton 2024

The current and recommended opening hours of the Zurich City Association are available for download here





Do30.05.2024FronleichnamBE*, LU, UR, SZ, OW, NW, ZG, FR*, SO, AI, AG* Baden-Württemberg, Bayern Österreich
Do15.08.2024Mariä HimmelfahrtBE*, LU, UR, SZ, OW, NW, ZG, FR*, SO, AI, AG* Bayern Österreich
Do03.10.2024Tag der deutschen EinheitDeutschland
Sa26.10.2024Österreichischer NationalfeiertagÖsterreich
Fr01.11.2024AllerheiligenBE*, LU, UR, SZ OW, NW, GL, ZG, FR*, SO, AI, AG* Baden-Württemberg, Bayern Österreich
So08.12.2024Mariä Empfängnis**LU, UR, SZ, OW, NW, ZG, FR*, SO AI, AG* Deutschland* Österreich

*only local holidays, mostly in areas with a predominantly Catholic population

**public holiday is on a Sunday

Model contract

A recommendation of the City Association for affiliated members and patrons. Structure your employment relationships based on the “Zurich Recommendation for Retail Stores”. The model contract for the industry-specific and up-to-date regulations about the protection of employees can be purchased from us for a price of CHF 20.00 incl. VAT for 5 copies (minimum order quantity).